Welcome to the world of Izla. My name is Simge. I'm a half Finnish and half Turkish curious mind who loves to explore and experience. I'm probably not sleeping but I'm definitely dreaming about travelling. 

I've always wanted to build something on my own and that's what Izla is all about. It all started with pestemals. As I grew up in two bathing cultlures; Hamam and Sauna, pestemals have always been a loved essentials at my home and on my travels. Once you try hamam towel there's no going back. They are as versatile as they are beatiful. I can't even count the times pestemals have given me and my baby comfort, functioned as a picnic blanket and even acted out as a proper beach dress. 

During the years I've had many people asking me where I get my pestemals? Eventually that made me think why shouldn't I gather all my favorite products and make them available for everyone to love. And Izla was born. 

Just keep in mind that I can't be held responsible if/when you get hooked on these products.

Izla is named after Mt. Izla, also known as Mount of Nisibis, a low mountain ridge near Nisbis in what once was Sassanid Persia, but is now Southern Turkey along the border with Syria. 

For me Izla has a deeper meaning. The name respects the country of my Father. As Izla is a 77 km long ridge from east to west it also mirrors my journey to building Izla by travelling to Turkey to find all the right products to take back to Finland.

With Izla I'm building slowly something truly amazing. I want to show to my self and to my daughter that if you dare to dream and are willing to work hard you can do anything.

Izla is in no way ready and I'm constantly developing new products and categories to introduce to you. Please keep in mind that even miracles take some time so be patient and remember to follow our channels and stop by for the latest delights.

Welcome to this adventure with me.